We have set an ambitious goal of $30,000 dollars to raise for Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP) 

If you are able to participate please be sure to list "
30for30th" or "Lee Briggs" as the dedication so we can properly tally the total raised! 

We will be updating the amount raised on this website in addition to BORP's website.

All proceeds raised go directly to BORP, please refer to
here if you have any donation questions

$30 in reference to 30for30th seemed like a good jumping point for donations but anything you can contribute is much appreciated!
This link will route you to BORP donation page

Donations received so far!  




Eric Blantz 
Melissa Briggs 
William Briggs 
Melissa Briggs 
Lauren Carara
Becky Connelly
Earle Connelly
Kristine Conway
Lorelei David
Micah Day
Garyen Denning
Piedmont Dental
Russell Earl
Bradley Edgar
Dara Efron
Allan Eisenwinter
Lebsack Elese
Don Ellis
Linda Gizzi
Chris Hartness
Chris Hartney
David Hartney
Janet Hass 
Diana Hassel
Jared Hays
Scott Herring
Sharan Ikeda
Lynn and Ralph Jones
Niki Jones
Michael Koperwas
Elese Lebsack
Bonnie Lewkowicz
Tommy Lionelli
Vicki and Tom Lionelli
Jason Markel
Mac McCall
John McComas
Paul Meola
Judy Oliphant
Elizabeth Olle
David Omoto
John Ormsby
Cambra Overend
Eddie Pasquarello
Joseph & Kristin Penick
Joey Picard
Rudolph Reich
Stephen Reich
Jamuna Richman
David Riedel
Ethan Roy
Lisa & Chris Skomorowski
Cherie Stites
Sue Stone
Neil & Carolina Topliffe
Touchstone Climbing
Bruce Vecchitto
John & Cathy Wells

For a grand total of: $5198