30for30th FAQ

Wait, what are you doing?
I'm biking 30 hours straight, continuous, at one time from 6AM Saturday April 17th - 12:00PM Sunday April 18th. That's the plan.

Cool, what ride is it? How many people are in the ride?
30for30th, you haven't heard of it, it's new. Just me, several people are joining me along the way for short and long portions of the ride, but the whole 30 hours is just me.

Whoa Whoa wait, 30 hours straight?! Just you? Is that even possible?
I think so, we'll certainly see April 18th.

Why would you ever ever want to do something like that? What is the point?
Why not? I turn 30 this year and it's in conjunction with that. But really, does there have to be a point?

Are you stopping at all?
Just to use the restroom and stretch every now and then, I hope to never be off the bike more than 5 minutes for each of these. 

Dude, you're getting off the bike to use the bathroom and stretch? Isn't that kind of cheating?

You're raising money?
Yes, for a great organization called Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP). BORP is the leading provider and promoter of accessible sports and recreation opportunities for children and adults with physical disabilities in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  www.borp.org

How do I donate?
You can donate directly online here (just put for 30for30th) or mail a check to this address.  $30 is the suggested donation (but anything above or below is greatly appreciated!)

2332 Fifth Street
Berkeley, CA  94710

How are you going to stay awake for 30 hours? Have you ever done that before?
I plan on eating a lot, talking to people I'm riding with and drinking lots of coffee when the going gets tough. Yes, I've stayed up 30+ hours many times in high school, college and when my daughter was born a year ago.

Can I ride with you?
You bet! Check out my route map and estimated location times on this website and also on the days(s) of the ride I will have a GPS tracking device that updates my position every ten minutes, so you should know exactly where I am within 10 minutes!  Feel free to ride with me anytime you want along the route. 

Are you insane?
Not sure, could be after the ride though.

How have you found time to train with work and family?
It's certainly been challenging, I've biked to work a lot and taken some pretty gnarly long rides on the weekends to prep. I'm tappering now leading up to the ride but 2 weeks ago I did a 150 miler and felt right as rain afterwards.

Yea but 30 hours? Dude, are you smoking crack?
No, drugs are bad. I know it will be really hard, but what's the point if it's not?

What if it rains?
That would be lame.

Are people carrying food and stuff for you during the ride? 
Yes, my wife Melissa during the day will have a cooler full of food and fluids, then my buddy Tommy is pulling the night shift.

Can I track you on www.30for30th.com?
Yes, I plan on tweeting, posting to facebook during the ride and you can see my progress live on a GPS map.

Is there a party at the end of the ride? Can I come?
Indeed! At 12:00PM Sunday the 18th there will be a celebration party with cake at the BORP clubhouse 80 Bolivar Berkeley, CA. Bring your friends, food and drink if you want! Apologies ahead of time if I'm a little out of it...