Was almost a year ago when my daughter Matilda was born. Hard to believe she turns one on April 20th. The day she was born is hands down the most incredible thing I've ever experience. Witnessing the strength of my wife Melissa was heroic and inspiring. Matilda was born at 5AM and hasn't stopped moving since. She is a very energetic little girl and curious about everything. She's started walking in in the past month and I think we could have another cyclist in the family...
I present to you Mr. Tommy Lionelli, professional sag wagoneer. 

a support vehicle accompanying a bicycle touring group that carries spare parts, luggage, etc., and sometimes also transports bicycles and cyclists.

Tommy is a good friend that will be assisting Brent and myself as we ride through the night.  He's going to have a car full of food, fluids,  and snappy wit that will meet us every few hours throughout the night. 

Tommy's the man and Brent and I appreciate the guy helping some brothers out.  
Two weeks and counting, until the big ride. Feeling pretty good in my head and legs, confident about my plan for food, fluids and energy conservation. I still get butterflies when I think about the ride, but what would an adventure be if it didn't make you feel a little flutter? 

It has rained quite a bit this week, particularly today, which is a good reminder that I could be slogging it depending on the weather gods. I'll go with whatever hand is dealt on the day. 

Yesterday was my actual birthday, why wait until two weeks after my birthday to do the ride you may ask? Good question, logistical reasons mostly for BORP and myself, AKA that weekend worked best for all parties involved. 

Lots to do in the next two weeks. 

More details soon!
I will be tweeting (still sounds so silly to say) every hour during the ride, here is a preview:


    (so far)

    6AM Saturday April 17th
    12 PM Sunday April 18th


    Do what?

    I turn 30 this April 2010. To ring in the new decade I plan to ride my bike for 30 hours straight raising funds for a great organization.



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    Leading up to the ride I'm raising money for a great organization called Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP)

    North Carolina to San Francisco
    The summer of 2007 I bicycled across the country with my college roommate Brent, from the coast of North Carolina to San Francisco, where I live now. We raised $11,500 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in the process: www.biketripblog.com

    Goal Oriented Site eLIFELIST.com I started a few years back




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